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Jeffrey Nietupski, Broker Associate

Frank Albert Realty

6705 N. Florida Avenue

Tampa, Fl. 33604


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Who is Jeff Niptuck?!

About Me

Great question, glad you asked! You may have seen or heard of me through Facebook, Marketing, Bus Benches, Referrals, In-Person, etc. New folks I meet typically say, "I see you everywhere but who are you and what is this Niptuck thing about"?!

Well, I am a Marine, an Entrepreneur, and a ball of passionate energy. Growing up, my Mom always told me I have that "it factor" and can do anything or accomplish any goal that I put my mind on. While I set my goals high and sometimes struggle, Mom is right! 

Born in Chicago, our family moved to Florida in 1992. My childhood was no walk in the park, riddled with trials and triumphs. Through all the struggles and successes, the one constant was the love and support from my Mom. It was her consistent encouragement that created the person I am today. 

What makes me, me? 

I am energetic, passionate and ambitious. I constantly seek out challenges and problems to tackle and fix. Ranging from defending our American way of live in the Marine Corps, uniting a community together through service to simply helping a friend move. I aim to be helpful, thoughtful and enlighten the spirits of those around me. 


This is my nickname from the Marine Corps. My last name, Nietupski is difficult for many to pronounce. One day in the barracks, a group os us were watching the popular TV show Nip/Tuck. My buddy looks at me and the TV a few times and declares "YOU'RE NIPTUCK!" And that was what most called me for 4 years in the Corps. After honorably serving, I thought the nickname was dead. But I was wrong and to this day, most of my friends call me Niptuck. I brand my business around it because, like I say: There are 10,000 Realtors in the area, but there is ONLY 1 NIPTUCK! And now you won't forget about me, :). 

Why Real Estate? 

I watched Flip or Flop and KNEW I could flip a home between commercial breaks too! Just kidding. I grew up in the business. My Dad was a landlord, investor, contractor and property owner. I didn't get grounded growing up, I provided free labor on his job sites! This came very handy later in life when I bought my first house. From there, I grew my personal portfolio of homes to five, managed four of them as rentals and have been involved in five flips. 

Put me to work!

Real Estate is a passion of mine! I have been a licensed Realtor for 5 years and recently become a Real Estate Broker Associate! I have had my hands involved in so many facets of the industry. My experiences include but not limited to: Buying, selling and investing in houses for myself and for clients. I have personally helped design, renovate and build houses. I have over 10 years experience in this business and I want you to use this knowledge and experience to the benefit of your family! HIRE ME to be your Family Realtor! - Jeff

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For Sale

Seminole Heights

1910 E Hanna Avenue

3/2 1200 sq ft. $200,000

For Sale

Palmetto Beach

718 S 22nd Street

3/3 2164 sq ft. $300,000

For Sale

South Tampa
4702 W Clear Ave

South Tampa

4702 W Clear Ave

4/3.5 2634 sq ft. $650,000

For Sale

Seminole Heights

203 W Emma Street

4/3 1779 sq ft. $385,000

Want to Sell your Home?

Hire passion and hire a Veteran! There's no mission I can't accomplish. #sold


Under Contract!


3201 Saturn Court

4/3 1808 sq ft. $250,000 LP


South Tampa, SOG

S Lois Avenue

3/1 1170 sq ft. $205,000


South Tampa, SOG

S Manhattan Avenue

3/3 1600 sq ft. $300,000

Under Contract!

South Tampa, SOG

New Construction Coming

Vacant Lot $100,000 LP



Mallory Square Condos

2/2 900 sq ft. $160,000

Contact Me

Better yet, see me in person!

I love my clients, so feel free to schedule visit with me! I have several offices to meet at! Seminole Heights, South Tampa, SOG and St. Pete. Coffee and lunch is always on me, just ask and we will make a plan. 

Jeffrey Nietupski, Realtor

6705 North Florida Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33604, United States

Cell: 813.263.7033