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3 Pitfalls to Avoid When Playing in the Real Estate Game

Don't rush blindly towards real estate investing. Here are 3 big pitfalls to avoid.

So youíve seen your umpteenth infomercial with the guy in his neatly pressed button-upped white T-Shirt grinning ear to ear waving his rock-solid no-money-down rags-to-riches real estate investment course for 3 easy payments of a gazillion dollars (but only if you call now) and now you are thinking, "wow this looks like a great deal, I better get it fast before the special offer expires." You notice how thereís always a special offer? Anyway, I am not saying this guy isnít telling the truth, however regardless of which course or school of thought you buy into there are several key areas that one must avoid when engaging in any real estate related transaction.

Pitfall Number 1: Donít Overpay!

The whole point in investing is to find properties that are undervalued. How does one find out what is undervalued versus overvalued? Without getting into technical details, the bottom line is you need experience. Yes much like shopping for anything else, real estate is essentially one of the highest ticket items in the shopping center of life. Itís advisable to stick with one market, perhaps the one closest to you in proximity as a starting off point. Through your experience and asking the right questions, you will eventually have a feel for the pulse of the market you are looking after, and of course identify what is considered a good buy.

Pitfall Number 2: Know the Market

Yes, you are actually going to have to do more work! This part is really common sense though, but executing it where the beauty and the payoff comes in. How do you make money in real estate? The most basic way is to buy low and sell high. So from the first step, you have identified general trends in the value of homes, and are pretty good at spotting undervalued homes. Assuming you acquire that home, you may want to profit from it by selling it off to someone else for a higher price. How can you do this? Well there are many ways. For one, most markets appreciate in value over time so if you want a longer term approach that will work. Making upgrades to the property will automatically raise the price of the home as well. Think in terms of what the market wants, not what you personally want. You arenít the one buying it; you are trying to sell it to someone else for a higher price than you bought it.

Pitfall Number 3: Know Your Budget

It may be a fine philosophy to go through life on a whim, but real estate is serious business, and thus diligent financial planning and budgeting is critical to your success. Donít worry you donít need to be a finance geek, however you need to be disciplined and know your budget from the onset, or you may be finding you are learning that you need to make certain renovations or upgrades, and didnít anticipate it going over to a certain cost. Think ahead as to what is needed before actually going forth with investing in real estate.



10 Steps to Buying a Home Flyer (pdf)


Who is Jeff Niptuck?!

About Me

Great question, glad you asked! You may have seen or heard of me through Facebook, Marketing, Bus Benches, Referrals, In-Person, etc. New folks I meet typically say, "I see you everywhere but who are you and what is this Niptuck thing about"?!

Well, I am a Marine, an Entrepreneur, and a ball of passionate energy. Growing up, my Mom always told me I have that "it factor" and can do anything or accomplish any goal that I put my mind on. While I set my goals high and sometimes struggle, Mom is right! 

Born in Chicago, our family moved to Florida in 1992. My childhood was no walk in the park, riddled with trials and triumphs. Through all the struggles and successes, the one constant was the love and support from my Mom. It was her consistent encouragement that created the person I am today. 

What makes me, me? 

I am energetic, passionate and ambitious. I constantly seek out challenges and problems to tackle and fix. Ranging from defending our American way of live in the Marine Corps, uniting a community together through service to simply helping a friend move. I aim to be helpful, thoughtful and enlighten the spirits of those around me. 


This is my nickname from the Marine Corps. My last name, Nietupski is difficult for many to pronounce. One day in the barracks, a group os us were watching the popular TV show Nip/Tuck. My buddy looks at me and the TV a few times and declares "YOU'RE NIPTUCK!" And that was what most called me for 4 years in the Corps. After honorably serving, I thought the nickname was dead. But I was wrong and to this day, most of my friends call me Niptuck. I brand my business around it because, like I say: There are 10,000 Realtors in the area, but there is ONLY 1 NIPTUCK! And now you won't forget about me, :). 

Why Real Estate? 

I watched Flip or Flop and KNEW I could flip a home between commercial breaks too! Just kidding. I grew up in the business. My Dad was a landlord, investor, contractor and property owner. I didn't get grounded growing up, I provided free labor on his job sites! This came very handy later in life when I bought my first house. From there, I grew my personal portfolio of homes to five, managed four of them as rentals and have been involved in five flips. 

Put me to work!

Real Estate is a passion of mine! I have been a licensed Realtor for 5 years and recently become a Real Estate Broker Associate! I have had my hands involved in so many facets of the industry. My experiences include but not limited to: Buying, selling and investing in houses for myself and for clients. I have personally helped design, renovate and build houses. I have over 10 years experience in this business and I want you to use this knowledge and experience to the benefit of your family! HIRE ME to be your Family Realtor! - Jeff


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AV loans, purposely developed for serving military and veterans, offer a

tremendous home-buying opportunity. Featuring calm requirements,

speedy approvals, and several benefits, they are a big financing tool for

eligible individuals. As an active military or a retired veteran looking to buy

a home, a VA loan should be the first thing you consider due to its

numerous benefits. These benefits include the following:


you money in diverse ways. Unlike other home loans, VA loans do not need

any down payment. It is an excellent opportunity to become a property

holder without waiting for years to save up money to put down on a new

home. The money saves up may be used for anything a borrower may


Mortgages greater than 80% of home equity demands mortgage insurance,

usually known as PMI. AV loans have this requirement ignored, saving a

borrower another good chunk of money. The VA issues loan settlement

guarantees to lenders, ensuring payback in case of default. That alone

removed the need for private mortgage insurance.


LOWER INTEREST RATE: Lower rates invariably result in lower

monthly payments, freeing up the funds for other uses and lessening overall

borrowing costs.


OF MILITARY LOANS: Income requirement is way less restrictive than

with conventional home loans. In reality, the VA loans do not require

borrowers to have a considerable household income to be eligible; a

minimum residual income requirement is very low and easily attainable by

most, if not all, borrowers. The VA loan also does not impose minimum

credit score requirements, as most lenders do. The only requirement to

meet is maintaining delinquent-free credit history for a minimum of one

year before making a loan application. Similarly to other loans, a maximum

debt-to-income requirement is compulsory by the VA to ensure the

capability of the borrower to handle debt service.

To be eligible for a VA loan a borrower should be military-enlisted or

retired military with specific service length requirements to satisfy. Many of

those are based on year of enlistment, rank, and some other factors. All

veterans may qualify, provided they have been discharged from active

service under conditions other that discreditable. In most cases, military

and veteran spouses are qualified for VA loans.

VA loans present a great chance to own a home. Whether you are a first-

time home buyer starting your family or a veteran getting back to daily

civilian life, lots of great benefits of VA loan may help you to get established

in your new home hassle-free with minimal, if any, out-of-pocket expenses.

Fundamental prerequisite criteria are of immense help to those with low

income and not so huge credit. If you are looking to funding your first home

other benefits, besides the ones under the VA loan program, are obtainable

to you in the form of tax credits and incentives. VA loans combine low rates,

easy terms, affordable payments, and relaxed income conditions as

compensation to those who have served or are presently serving to protect

the nation.



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